Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lost: I So Saw That Coming

Overall I thought tonight's show was really intriguing, the return of Locke and the interesting battle of the wits with Ben, everyone starting to find out about the helicopter pilot and the real non shocker of Locke's dad was the original "Sawyer." I saw this coming quite a while ago. I think it was The Wife who first figured it out last season. With the multiple Locke/Papa Locke episodes this year you could defiantly get the clues, then when Papa showed up on the island, you knew there was going to be a meeting and the reveal. I loved the whole letter bit, I almost forgot about the letter Sawyer had written, but truthfully I thought Papa Locke was a little bit of a dick, actually too much and ruined part of the scene.

Since the beginning there have been Lost fans that believe that the island is purgatory, everyone on the plane crashed and died and now they are waiting for their fate, heaven or hell. I believe the story line tonight was a feint toward the purgatory thinking, but there are too many instances that would make this not plausible. The fact that "The Others" have contact with the outside world and can get video. The fact that Micheal and Walt left the island and when the station when boom it registered at a monitoring station in Antarctica makes me think that they are still alive and my theory from last week still holds. Now to the quick points of the episode:

  • When is everyone going to learn, do not tell Kate anything! She will tell Jack and then Juliet will know.
  • Is Locke some kind of god like figure for The Others?
  • I think Ben set a trap of some sort and let Locke hear the tape and knew he would leak it back to the Losties.
  • The scene with Rousso was an awkward funny moment. "Why are you here?" "I need dynamite. Why are you here?" Sawyer yells at Locke and Locke just sits there whittling.
  • Why does Rousso need dynamite?

Finally they left the episode on a cliff hanger... as usual, but tonight was different. I wanted more, and that is the first cliff hanger in a while that I wanted more and did not want to wait till next week. The big question is what is Jack's secret, is he part of The Others and wants to trap everyone or does Jack and Juliet know about the attack and are going to try and stop it. I believe the second, the reasoning is with tape Sawyer has, he will come in as Jack and Juliet are informing everyone about the attack and Sawyer strolls up and plays the tape, everything will go to hell and The Others will come in and someone will die.

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