Friday, May 25, 2007

Spanish Inquisition

Remember in the last post I smacked my leg up against a trailer hitch. Well Yesterday it was very sore and I should not have gone into work. By the end of the day no long was my shin the only thing sore, it has migrated to my knee, hamstrings and my foot. I wake up this morning not wanting to go through that again so I do the American thing and call off. I've done things like this before. I'm sore and can't function so I take a day to heal. Well I just found out that I have to go to the doctor for this. I'm "OK" with this, but it technically is a Workers Comp deal, so I need paper work for them to look at it or find a place that will even look at me. With our entire HR department on vacation (she needed a Bahamavention) no one can get me the paper work. I now have to do this on my insurance and pay the co pay. Fantastic, just what I want to do, pay for something that I don't want to do that should be paid for by someone else.

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