Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Note From The Wife: Cheerleaders

From time to time The Wife will get upset about something and must vent about it. She has tried blogging on her own, but it was not her thing. So when ever she gets one of this rants, I'll let her use polkamonkey to vent. So with out further ado, here's The Wife

I have had it up to hear with cheerleaders/dance teams/Pepsi girls.
OK let me say what a huge sports fan I am. I come from a family of football players, my dad, my brothers, my cousins, and my uncles. I love to watch the game live or on TV. I grew up with cheerleaders toilet papering our house on the night before a big game. I even tried out to be one in high school. Well when I didn't make it, I decided I didn't like them anymore. They annoy me. I have had a strong hatred toward them since.
Now you see them everywhere. You go to a basketball game, they are there. You go to a hockey game, they are there. And dammit you go to a baseball game and they are there too. Why in the world do you need them at a baseball game.
I went with "The Husband" to a help with the NC State vs UNC baseball game tonight. Next thing I know there are these dancer girls on the dugouts shaking their thing. OK, I came to watch the game not the watch them. I just don't understand sports anymore. It's all about sex. And there not even trying to sell anything. OK I'm done, this subject upsets me.
By the way I forgot to tell you that since we moved hear I have become an UNC fan and "The Husband" is an NC State fan (we will always be OSU and BGSU fans). If you haven't heard, UNC kick some Wolfpack booty.

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dcz said...

nice post.

Have to disagree with you though. Those young women have a right to make a living. I'd rather shake my booty for cash than edit for a plantation-owner (my current position), but something tells me I wouldn't make a very good living.

For a good laugh, check out Dan Weist's story: "Dancers for Democracy."