Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lost: Jacob Ladder

I've complained multiple times about this season of Lost, but man are they ramping up towards the season finale. Until the past few weeks I thought this season was a bust. Tonight turned things around a lot. The best thing going on the show is the interaction between Locke and Ben. The interesting thing I thought was the crazy aspect of both characters. Earlier seasons Locke turned into a weird creepy guy that talks about the island and it's special powers. Well come to find out he is not totally crazy and there maybe something to it. Now with tonight's episode there were moments where you thought Ben was totally insane. I'm talking about Jacob's cabin. There is nothing there and the writers had me going there and I thought Ben was just delusional and everything about him was a lie. Then Locke hears "Help me." HOLY CRAP! I almost plotz right there. Then the room goes crazy and you see someone sitting in the chair and all hell breaks loose when Locke brings in a flashlight.

If that was not enough for one episode you find out that Ben was with Dharma in the beginning and he is the reason why the "hostiles" took over and killed the Dharma folks. With how Ben's father treated him and how he was blamed for his mother's death to go out and kill your dad was insane. I'm waiting for the flashback next season to explain what happened from Ben's first meeting with Richard till the mass killings.

So we learn that Jacob is real and how Ben helped to kill everyone with Dharma, but that was not enough. How about Ben shooting Locke and leaving him for dead. I did see that coming once they showed the shot of Locke standing on the edge of the open mass grave. You knew Ben was not going to let Locke ruin everything that he has build for himself. On the Lost messages boards there is a discussion that Ben is afraid of Locke and that he will become the new leader of the Others. He shot Locke to keep his power and he maybe afraid that since they do not need him any more that he would be the one laying on the pile of dead Dharma members. OK now with the quick points.
  1. All the Losties now know about Naomi and seem really worried that everyone thinks they are dead.
  2. Ben had a messed up childhood; He was born early and his mother died 25 mile outside Portland, his father blamed him for her dead, and they are stuck on an island.
  3. How freaking old is Richard! He is older than Ben and looks either the same age or younger. The new theory is you age less on the island and that Richard was on the black Rock.
  4. I think Alex is starting to turn on her father more and more. She knew that Ben was going to try and kill Locke so she brought him a gun. Teen rebellion!
  5. I'm still wondering about Jack and Juliet. I'm waiting for the swerve and I think they are going to turn on the Losties.
  6. Kate is pregnant. I know I said that last week, but I'm saying it till they tell me otherwise.
  7. Man I'm glad Jin doesn't know English or he'd be kicking some formerly sterile ass right now.

I think we are going to get an answer to something soon. Do I think it will be an answer to a question that I want? Probably not, but we will learn a small piece of information and that will be enough to hook me for another year. I'm guessing Locke is not going to die. He is too big of a character on the show to kill off. Without Locke the island mystery bit is gone and it's nothing but the Others verses the Losties and who would watch that. Locke will be saved by Jacob or some other force, maybe the black cloud and will keep me guessing all summer.


levy said...

Jacob will save Locke. Ben said "I hope Jacob helps you now." And he will. The interactions between Ben and Locke are too good. They can't let that go. Of course, if Locke lives, does that mean that Ben will die?

King Tom said...

Nice post. If only my blog were working, I'd write something too.

There's no way Locke dies.

J Dog said...

What? There is problem with the Kingdom? Until you return I shall continue in your stead!