Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost: That's Why I Continue to Watch This Show!

Before I went to work this afternoon I watched the the two hour pilot of Lost and it reminded me of why I really liked this show. It was suspenseful, great characters, it created questions within the episode that you wanted to find the answers for; it was just a great start to the series. Then I started to think about the prior two season finales. If you remember back to season 1 the year ended with Walt being captured, Hurley screaming about the numbers being bad and the Hatch door being blown open. Season 2 ended with a plot to take over "The Others" only to have it back fire with Jack, Sawyer and Kate being carted off to another island while Walt and Micheal get to leave on a boat.

So what was I to expect with this years dramatic end. I got a lot more than I had expected. One thought that kept popping up was that Jack was going to "Turn Heel" and join Ben ala WWE. With the "flashbacks" of Jack I started to wonder if it was true. With these "flashbacks" I started to get a feeling that something was wrong, I don't know what it is, but something did not jive with Jack's past, I kept wondering if this was a flash forward.

This episode had many great twist that actually forced me to get a chair and put it right in front of the TV. I could not get close enough. The tension was high, you thought that Sayid, Benard and Jin would kill everyone, but no The Others win again. You thought that Ben's order to kill the three was real. I seriously was about to stop watching if they killed two of the main characters, fortunately Tom does not listen to orders and Hurley saved the day. I was shocked to see Jack throw the smack down on Ben. I loved the walkie talkie chat with Tom. "I'm going to get everyone off this island, and then I'm going to come and kill you." YOU GO BAD ASS JACK!

The two biggest moments that do not involve questions were the death of Charlie and Jack storyline. I know a lot of people were getting tired of Charlie, but I still thought he had some great moments left in him. I loved his banter with the two bubble girls, it was a as if he was mocking them because he knew he was going to die. That made me thing, how many shows can kill off major cast members at the rate Lost has, lets go through the big list: Boone, Shannon, Mr Ecko, Anna Lucia and Charlie. In three years that's an average of 1.5 characters a year and you still have a huge cast left. The other big moment was in the Jack story, who was he calling to set up a meeting with. Of course, a lot of people were shocked that it was Kate. Jack basically, could not handle life off the island and went slightly nuts. The big thing now is that the story can evolve off the island. The Chief and were talking about how hard it will be to keep the show going for three more years on the island. Well now we can explore off the island now.

The three big questions from the close of season three will be; is Naomi's ship good or bad. Was Ben actually telling the truth and that Naomi's people will not let everyone off the island or was it another one of his tricks. What the hell is up with Locke? That's all I need to really say because Where the hell did Walt come from? Is he "a special boy" and can appear out of nowhere or has it to do with Jacob. Will Penny ever find Desmond? With those questions gnawing at me for the remainder of the summer, here are the quick points divided into two parts, questions that I need answers for and my usual jackassery.

  • Who the hell died in the flash forwards? I'm wondering if it was Juliet. I had a feeling it was, but I don't know. It can't be Hurley the casket was too small (more on that later), maybe Sawyer and I think that would be it. Maybe Locke, but I don't think he will ever leave the Island.
  • Did Kate marry Sawyer? She mention he is going to wonder where I am.
  • Did anyone else catch this. During the confrontation with the Chief of Medicine Jack mentioned that his father was upstairs. Also tried to forge a prescription in his name. Is he alive?
  • What is going to happen to The Others? They have yet to lose and they are about to be found out to the world, are they going to fight off the incoming people?


  • Could they have found a better beard for Jack? That had to be the second worst beard on the show behind the one Tom was forced to wear.
  • I noticed some really bad TV stuff through out the show that did not involve beards. Did anyone else notice that the shot of the radio toward looked like ass? I mean it was grainy and was lifted from a bad episode of Gilligan's Island.
  • Also I thought they did a bad job on Walt's voice to make it sound higher. The trick camera shooting made in seem talk, but the truth is he is probably 6 feet tall now any ways.
  • Note to self: Do not go around Locke while he has a knife.
  • I so want an iSatellite phone.
  • I felt bad for Hurley. Everyone was cracking on his weight for the last two shows and making him feel like a loser and an out cast. What does he do, finds the Mystery Machine and runs down a couple of Others and wins the day.
  • "Wow didn't see that coming" winner was Ben telling Alex that Rouseau was her mom. FINALLY that is over with. Now lets get to Rouseau flash back and be done with the crazy French Lady.
  • Carol Vessy (Jack's wife) was prego... that has to suck for Jack. Also it's been a while, you might want to update your contact info Jack.
  • Jack likes Nirvana.
  • So let me get this straight. Your airplane crashes on a weird island and you have to deal with a group of hostile natives and all the airline gives you is a "golden ticket" to fly for free when ever you want? I don't think White Star Lines gave surviving members of the Titanic free cruise tickets after they made it to shore.
  • I think more people died on this two hour show (at least 11) than Jack Bauer killed all season on 24.

So now I have to sit and wait for a few months till the season three DVD comes out so I can go back and figure out what I missed. I hate TV.


King Tom said...

So you knew it was a "flash forward"? I didn't. The Civee realized it, and she will never let me down.

I'm beginning to think that Ben isn't all that evil.

As for your questions:

1) I was thinking Ben died in the ffs. That would explain why no one was there (didn't know anyone off the island) and why Jack was so distraught (Ben was probably the only person who could get him back to the island).

2) Maybe

3) I think he was just stoned out of his gourd.

4) I hope not. I hope when the show ends, there are a small group of people (Ben, others, Locke, Rose/Bernard) who are able to stay on the island.

grrr said...

I don't think Charlie is dead. He could have swum out the other side after the explosion. And the episode before the finale, everybody thought Locke was dead, too - then Holy Walt shows up and says "Get up and walk" and he does. Besides Charlie was killed before, and didn't die. (Remember when he was hanged?) Don't take anything in a cliff-hanger as definite. I'm still not so sure Boone is dead.