Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lost: Not a Greatest Hit Tonight

After last weeks episode, that I actually had to go back and watch later ,and then tonight's first five minutes was great. Then there was a huge let down for the remainder of the show. I seem to be in the minority here, I like Charlie I think his character can go many different ways. He's been evil at times (fake kidnapping Sun) to random good guy (helping Clare), but tonight's flash backs did nothing for me and did not really drive Charlie's character for me. I liked the self sacrifice aspect, but I think the reflection bit feel a little flat for me.

The one big problem with this season seems to be the creation of new questions without giving hints to answers that are already on the table. Tonight was yet another reminder of how this season has not be that good. I'm almost to the point I do not want to know who the two women are in the hatch. Does it really matter? I don't think we will get our answers this season any ways. I know the two hour season finale will probably be great and will have a huge twist (I'm banking that Jake is going to turn on everyone WWE style... well he won't be using a chair on some one's dome, but you get the point. Speaking of points... ON TO THE QUICK ONES!
  • Well Rose and Bernard are not dead. According to Lostedia this is the first time they have been in an episode this season. Come on Lost writers, throw Rose and Bernard a bone.
  • Jake has turned into kind of a jerk since his return. He's pissed about something and wants revenge or at least something... maybe he misses the cheese sandwiches.
  • Rousseau blowing stuff up... priceless. You have to love crazy French ladies that had their babies stolen.
  • What the hell was up with "The Looking Glass" station. Why are there two random women there and what the hell are they going to do to Charlie. The previews show they slap him around a bit, but who knows.
  • Finally Sayid pulls out the maps he found with papa Ben (Roger from the love bug van).
  • The previous point made me think, why is everyone starting to hide things from each other: maps, secret plots about an attack, Rousseau is getting dynamite, charlie is going to die, English broads falling from helicopters, low sperm count... it's just insane people. Secrets only cause problems. I think the island is in need of some Dr. Phil.

That's all I got tonight, I want to write more, but everything I think of is pretty weak. I just hope the two hours next week is a lot better than tonight. It better be on par if not better than the Jacob episode.

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levy said...

I just can't believe they're making us wait until the finale to see Locke again. At least I hope we see him again. And Jacob.