Thursday, May 03, 2007

Feeling Old

I know the saying "You are only as old as you feel," but certain things will make you feel old. While working with the reporter who shall be named Hyperactive Pop Culture Loving Reporter or HyPCLoR I mention somethings that made us feel old. These things are items that everyone around our age group knows about here is a small list.

U2's The Joshua Tree was released in 1987... take that in. Where the Streets Have No Name was released 20 years ago! It's almost able to drink!

Pulp Fiction and Forest Gump were released in 1994... making them 13 years old.

Nirvana's Nevermind is 16 years old and has it's driver's licence.

House of Pain's angry white guy rap anthem Jump Around is turning 15.

The sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall was created 19 years ago.

Cult classic and pivotal movie for Bruce Campbell, Bruce Campbell Vs The Army of Darkness is 15. (how does that feel Wilson)

Micah this is for you, Super Mario Brothers was released in 1985... 22 years ago!

That's just the stuff from around high school and earlier. What about things I remember from college.
The movie Se7en is 12 years old.

What about Adam Sandler's movies? The Waterboy is one year away from a decade, Happy Gilmore is 11 (and loves That's So Raven), and Billy Madison is also 12 years old.

The we are women hear us sing Lilith Fair was started 10 years ago.

I wasn't a fan, but Garth Brook's No Fences was released in 1990 making it 17 years old. According to Wikipedia his last gasp of glory was a free concert in Central Park happened almost 10 years ago.

Kevin Smith's black and white art film that was I believe is the lynch pin for most of the post Gen-Xers Clerks is now a teenager at 13, Mallrats is 12 and one of the last times Ben Affleck was considered "talented," Chasing Amy is 10.

I know I am 31 and I am no longer "cool" and the music I like is considered lame by most of the kids today. I remember when my sister Julie would listen to something and I would think, wow that sucks, when I get older I will never listen to crap... I'm going to be cool FOREVER! Well, just like Homer Simpson I am not longer cool. Fortunately, I do not have Color Me Badd rulz tattoo to remind me of my past... I'm looking at you Wilson.

A final stomach punch is Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time is eight years old. Damn I feel old. If you can think of something that will make me or anyone else feel old post it.


mcriffle said...

Like the super mario reference. he looks old for 22. My Atari turns 20 this year, I still have it, it still works. Take that Playstation!

Schattenjager said...

Color me Bad- Tick Tock get stop,stop Oooo Ooo I wana Sex you up. Ahh great music from days gone by.

Wow, Kids In The Hall is older than my girlfriend.
Oh yea, now I remember why I don't feel as old as you!

dcz said...

How about 90% of the people you work with being 26 and under? That'll make you feel pretty frickin old.

Jerry said...

I was 28 when you wrote this, and you're only 4 yrs older than me. Maybe that makes a difference but I don't remember anything back in the 80s like "kids in the hall." Did you hang around older guys and that's why you remember the 80s? The first wave of music I got into was in the 90s R&B gangsta rap stuff and alt rock like green day. I don't even think pop was out at the time. lol.

Now I listen to MCR, Hawthorne heights, Chris Brown, rihanna, etc. I do think it will be soon for me since I can not stand Jonas Bros or Miley Cyrus. And 30 is just around the corner for me. haha

I am the youngest person in my dept (they're 31 - 50), and I always get "young" jokes, but hello, I'm 29 now, not a 22 yr old. I do consider myself at the front of Gen Y even though there is another 29 yr old I know who is so old acting, she might as well be gen x.