Friday, August 01, 2008

That's a lot of Pancakes

I love breakfast food, it's the one thing you can eat anytime of day. Can you eat pork chops at 8:00am? Well probably, but it does not sound right. Yet, pancakes at 8:00AM, noon or even 8:00pm sound awesome so I am all for pancakes. When we drove into Pigeon Forge I noticed a pancake place, then another, then another then another. I think within a mile of our hotel there are 12 pancake places! and according to google there are 590 in the area! Holy crap man, is there that much need for pancakes? after 500 did the next 90 go, you know I don't think the pancake market is fully tapped here and we need more house of pancakes!

I know there are a lot of tourist here, but to have 12 that close to our hotel is just insane, then you have to think about all the hotels that have breakfast, we get free breakfast at ours. I love the cakes of pan, but for goodness sakes, when you have more pancake restaurants than mountains, you have a problem.

Wow, pancakes sound really good right now.

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