Friday, August 01, 2008

Eating Out on Vacation

One of my biggest rules while traveling is that we do not eat somewhere we can eat back home. That means no chains, like Olive Garden, TGIFridays, or any other such place. I know those places are familiar, but you are in a different place and you have to get some local flavor and who knows, you might get a funny story out of it or find something new you like.

While The Wife and I were shopping we get a call that we are going to eat at 7:30 at Ryan's. For me this goes against everything I want for food while vacationing... It's a buffet and they are all over Ohio and North Carolina. There is so many places that we can go, I mean there are 21 pancake places within a mile of the hotel (Oh there WILL be a post about that). I start building up the snarky comments that will be flying during dinner. Then I start to wonder who was the culprit. We start heading that way and we call my sister Christi and ask if we are going to the right Ryan's and WHO PICKED IT! I get my answer and I immediately put away all my comments and remarks... it was The Mom. The one person I can not make comments too, any of the siblings sure, but not The Mom. I sucked one up for the team.

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