Saturday, January 05, 2008

WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! BOWL GAMES!!!!!!

I wonder if you can tell I am excited about my trip? FREAKIN' A I AM! I had trouble sleeping last night, I couldn't wait to put all the stickers, magnets and flags on my car. I even washed it today (Using a car wash that uses recycled water thank you)! I'm going to take as many pictures as I can and will hopefully have some form of Internet access along the way. I'm guessing the casino might have WiFi, but the $50 Days Inn... not so sure. The hard part will be figuring out which blog to do first or the most. I'm guessing this one will get the most post and then Gnomadic Gnome and if I have time I'll do the work one. The work one I might just do a final wrap up. I'm not going to spend the entire time blogging, I gots to get me some beads!

One big note; I finally shaved, it was getting too annoying and The Wife was enjoying the torture aspect of it too much and it had to go. I also didn't want to have to explain to our kids one day why I had a beard for two weeks. I need to go and finish packing the car...



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