Friday, January 11, 2008

Bowl Game Trip Wrap Mobile

Sunday we made it to Mobile for the GMAC Bowl, but we had a lot of time to kill since the game did not start till 8:00. I was told by Dan to go see the USS Alabama, I wasn;t too interested till we saw it. Sweet mother of mercy that thing is HUGE! We pay the 26 dollars to park and take a tour. It was interesting to see the quarters and how much climbing you have to do. We only saw about half the ship and we were getting tired from all the climbing and hiking. You see the 6 main guns, but there are so many all around the main deck. I just kept imagining all the people running around while being attacked during WWII.

They also had numerous airplanes and even a submarine, I of course started yelling ROLL TIDE! I don't think I was the first to yell that because the locals were rolling their eyes. I would never want to work on a sub. Those things are tiny and not a lot of room to move around. The bunks are stacked on top of each other and men had to sleep 6 in a room. If you want to serve on a sub, fine by me you are a better person than I. ROLL TIDE!

After all that walking we find a lovely pub and eat some wonderful Cajun food. I love gumbo and they had some of the best, The Wife had a shrimp po boy and that think was PACKED with shrimp. If you are in Mobile go to the Hurricane Bar.

We still had a lot of time left and The Wife was wanting to buy a shirt for the next day. We heard of an outlet mall not to far from Mobile and we head that way... we missed the exit and could not turn around for 10 miles. We see signs for another outlet mall at the next exit... even better. Then we take a wild turn, The Wife sees a sign for beaches. She loves beaches and since it is near sunset she wants to see the sunset in the gulf. Time is short, we can only do one, so we start for the beach. The sun is going down fast and the game starts in a couple hours. Finally signs about the beach! We are almost there we are so close we can.... toll road... 14 miles! Forget that noise, TO THE OUTLET MALL! We get to the mall, we can only spend 20 minutes there and The Wife doesn't see a store she likes... except the Coach Purse store. I just drove 40 miles out of our way and WE ARE STOPPING AT A STORE! We go in and of course all the purses she likes cost more than $200 one was closer to $400! We finally leave for the bowl game.

We get to the stadium just in time for the game. We walk in and BG is coming out of the locker room right in front of us! I pull out the BG flag and try to encourage my team, I guess I didn't help enough. Come to find out BG forgot how to hold onto the ball or play defense. BG lost 63-7 to Tulsa in the worst bowl loss EVER! We actually left the game while it was 49-7 and headed to Biloxi

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Anonymous said...

I can no longer say I am from Ohio. I will only tell people I grew up in the north!!!!

Had a shirt burning party this weekend.

OSU SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!