Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Eyes! The Goggles Do Nothing!

This past week I varied my work out a little. I had been doing 30-50 minutes on the bike followed by at least a mile of walking and 2 and a half laps running. I decided to walk and run two miles then try and swam a few laps.

The run was good and I go change into my swim suit to only find out that open lap time doesn't always mean open lap time. Out of the 8 laps lanes only three were "open" most were taken up by water aerobics and kids learning to swim. I go back to the locker room and decide to check out the steam room. For five minutes I'm there by myself, then the old guys that play racquetball walk in. The first one was wearing a towel... no big deal, the others though... only wore a smile. I'm not use to locker rooms with old naked guys so I'm a little freaked out seeing old guys "special area." I try not to look, but when they stand around in front of you and their old man twigs and berries are in your face... it's kind of hard to avoid it. Then they want to strike up a conversation with me. I join in, but I don't want to look, because he's naked. I finally give up after 10 minutes and see if a lane is open. Thank the Lord above there is a lane open. I "attempt" to swim and give up from shear exhaustion (I had not swam laps since college) I give up after four laps. I go back in and the guys are now hanging out in the locker room... naked. One guy is standing there with his leg up on a bench. Fortunately I had a rear view and could only see his wrinkled "tuckus."

At what age do you just say screw it. I'm not wearing a towel, my wife won't let me eat dinner in my underwear so I'm walking around the gym naked while I talk to the young kids. I'm still very self conscious and could never do that. I give them credit for being able to be naked in front of strangers, but please for me... put some pants on, or at least underwear.

(I wanted a picture of this post, but let me warn you; do not look up naked old guy and the word gym in google image... bad... very bad)

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