Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lost: The Return of Patches O'Houlihan

I had stopped blogging Lost because King Tom was doing such a great job, I thought I give up and just let him be the King that he is. Well, I think King Tom has taken a break/vacation/time off, so I will try and carry on for him till he returns.

Over all this episode seemed kind of mixed bag for me. I think they did not have enough for the Sun baby story line nor the helicopter pilot story line so they jammed them together. I thought these flash backs were the second worst of this season for giving you insight and maybe a glimpse into the type of person they really are. I thought the worst was Paulo and Mandy, they died at the end and made everything pointless. The one important thing you did learn is that it's Sun's fault for what Jin became. The money she took lead to Jin becoming the kick ass ninja like hit man that he became. If she would never have done that maybe she would never have slept with baldie and had to try and leave Jin. I'll go through the bullet points and then do a final thought on the helicopter twist.
  • Ok let me get this straight, Patches O'Houlihan is really Wolverines brother? That's the only explaination I can think of.
  • Note to Hurly, don't tell the others that someone that fell out of the sky has a sat phone on them.
  • Note to everyone on the island, don't let Hurley near flare guns.
  • I think the writers watch Three Kings before they wrote this episode and though, "You know that was a cool trick with the valve in the chest thing, how can we do that and make it more bloody." Yeah I didn't need to see that.
  • OK, they have been on the island for 90 days. That's almost 30 days a season. If you use that then Sun should die in near the end of season 5. This season though I believe has more days in it. Jack, Kate and Sawyer were captured around 56 days and that was the end of season 2. Now we will be over 90 days maybe even 100 by the season finale. That would mean Sun should die around the last episode next year.
  • I kept expecting the Others to pop out and capture Sun ever 5 seconds. It was a little suspenseful, but the ending was a let down. I mean come on! A tape recorder, what is this 1978? You have industry grade Beta tapes, you can't find something better than a $2 cassette recorder? It wasn't even a mini tape, spend the extra money Ben!
  • Since Ecko died I'm creating a new list of losties I would not want to get into a fight with, Jin is now number one. He kicked the ass of a former Soviet Army guy! Patches O'Wolverine got the drop on Locke and Syid, but not Jin. Number two is Locke, just because he is crazy. Desmond and his flashbacks are third, Jack is fourth only because he has seemed changed since his return to camp, then Sawyer well I think Sawyer could grift me out of my money then fight me.
  • I'm waiting for the Charlie and Hurley become Laural and Hardy episode, they keep creeping closer and closer.
  • So sperm seem to like this island.
  • When Juliet was talking into the take recorder she mentioned Kate. Was that a hint that Kate might be pregnant? If so that will create an interesting plot line with the love triangle of convenience. It's most likely Sawyer's. Will Kate name the baby a name only used in old westerns or a Delicious fruit. I'm going with Calamity or Nectarine.

Ok the most interesting thing about Helicopter girl (outside Patches O'Wolverine)was at the end. In a conversation Hurley mentions that he is part of Oceanic Flight 815. Her response what that it was impossible because they found the plane and there were no survivors. I immediately thought of the whole purgatory crap that people keep bringing up. I hope that is not true, I just would have to stop if that was the case. Then I started thinking, what if the Others had something to do with that. Think about it, they know all the info about the people on the island, what is stopping them from crashing a fake plane in the ocean somewhere. This way no one can find the island during the search and they can be left alone.

Final note is for the writers and producers of the show. This season has been the worst so far. I have come to the brink of no longer watching Lost three times this year, only to give it a "one more week" moment. I read an article in USA Today about how television shows seem to be unable to end shows, they either carry on to long or they lose viewers because they lose interest. I believe Lost is on that precipice, I think some answers need to be answered soon. I don't want every secret revealed, but I need to feel like I am getting closer to the finish line and all I seem to get is partial answers and with more questions added in. I hope in the last four episodes I get a little closer to understanding what the hell is going on. Also if you can bring back Patches O'Wolverine, please bring back Mr Ecko, I need my Jesus stick hook uo.

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