Sunday, April 15, 2007

Not Again

Holy crap what is next too happen. Back in February I chipped my tooth, I got it fixed and everything is fine. Fast forward to this morning, The Wife and I have had a run of bad luck, our taxes are a mess (more on that tomorrow), the computer blows up, we have not seen each other that much for the last two weeks, so everything has just been off. I go to work this morning to help out the Sunday morning sports show. I grab a Pop Tart from the vending machine and as I take a bite I notice something felt weird. I freaking ripped the filling out of the tooth. Just what we need another bill, lucky for us I'm going to the dentist soon for a cleaning. Hopefully he will fix my tooth as well, but know me he can't do it then and I'll have to schedule an appointment and December will be the earliest they can see me. If anything else happens I going to punch someone. I'll probably break my hand and they will sue me, but that will be par for the course.

(This is not a picture of my tooth, it's not that bad, but feels like it.)

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dcz said...

when it rains it pours huh? Hope your luck gets better.