Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good Day at Work

Many days I do not like my job, but today I got to go to Cincinnati and hang around the dug outs and talk to ball players for the Reds. We get there and my day starts to unravel. Walking up the stairs to the field I trip and fall. Ever since the fall I've had problems placing my left foot on stairs. I go face forward and two random people and Chud saw me fall, I hurt my pride and my stupid toe. I'm half tempted to cut the thing off. We hang around get some interviews I get in some peoples way, drop my press pass and I just can't get all cylinders firing at once. I get everything I need, we go eat and leave early to try and make the 9:45 show. We are low on gas and I tell Chud we will stop near Cedar Point. That's fine and all, but Cedar Point is on the other side of the state. I meant to say Kings Island... Chud laughs at me and my day. Besides me not being on my "A" game I can't complain. I got paid to go talk to major league ball players.

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