Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dirt Track Racin'

I've had a wired relationship with the sport of Dirt Track Racin'. While working in West Virginia a lottery winning millionaire bought a quarter-mile dirt track outside of Beckley and I was forced to go there about four times. Dirt track racing is pretty much cars driving in circles on dirt... That's it. They go straight for 10 seconds, turn for 10 seconds, straight 10 seconds and then go straight for 10 seconds. Repeat 20 times and you have a race. I thought I'd left dirt track racin' behind me when I came to Ohio, but no Tony Stewart (Yes NASCAR Tony Stewart) had to buy Eldora Speedway. From what everyone tells me Eldora was a very famous track that everybody knows about. So Since Tony owns the track he raises money for a good charity and brings a bunch of NASCAR drivers out to race.

Since Eldora is somewhat in Ohio we needed to interview all the NASCAR guys. I did this event last year and I will admit it. Eldora is MUCH BETTER than beckley. For one it's a half mile so more straight always and less spinning. And you have better grand stands. Overall if I liked dirt track racin' at all I'd come to Eldora to watch some races, but once a year is enough. We get there and it is raining and it does not look good. After a long delay we get to interview the NASCAR guys that came here: Matt Kenseth, Kurt Busch, Mark Martin, the Wallace brothers and my new hero Dale Earnhart Jr. He comes to the press conference with a Bud Light and talks about well since he's not driving he's going to wave the flag and drink some beer. Prior to this moment... Not a fan, now... Fan.

After the press conference we go through "the love tunnel" we get to the infield and wait for racing to start. Well this takes a long time because it won't stop raining. We see Tony Stewart (who we couldn't get and interview with earlier) on a 4-wheeler. We run over and ask for the interview he gives us one and he's very relaxed and is a little worried about the race he is a lot nicer that I remember, but here is why I am telling you this.

If you remember my Indy 500 post you will remember the phrase "Window over Terra Haute." Well, Tony Stewart has raced at the 500 and would know this phrase and I had a chance to say it. He mentions well there's window over somewhere in middle Indiana and I had to use all my power not to say. "Is there a window over Terra Haute."

Well the window sucked and wasn't really there. So this is what it looked like. We didn't have much shelter as you can see.

So no NASCAR guys going round and round on dirt, but I did get to see some NASCAR guys and found a new appreciation on Jr.

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