Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Movie review 2: The electric-boogaloo

Three movies this time and wow I should have picked two different ones.

Over the Hedge- First of all it's a kids movie so the plot is not going to be as complex as Syriana. But it was a cute movie with a fairly good cast. Bruce Willis and Garry Shandlling did a good job with the lead rolls, but there were three cast members that made the movie for me. Steve Carrell as Hammy the Squirrel. How can you not love him! He is just funny in almost everything he does. I just hope he does not pull a Will Ferrell and try to do too much too fast and make some crappy movies like bewitched. William Shatner was great at parody-ing himself as a opossum. His over acting in his death scenes reminded me of old Star Treks. Finally Thomas Hayden Church played a great evil villain, reminded me his role on Wings as Lowell. The movie was smart, witty and had moments for adults. Find a kid and take them (with the parents permission, cause I don't want ya going to jail for child abduction.) 7 out of 10

Domino- I love Kira Knightley, but this movie was bad with a capital suck. It was shot very art house-y and just kind of rambled around a story about three bounty hunters that get caught up in a money scam that involves gangsters. The story was dull and I did not care about Domino or her bounty hunting friends. I seriously am upset at Kiera Knightly. She needs a spanking for making a movie this bad and I am the to do the spanking... Well if the wife never finds out. 2 out 0f 10

Munich- Hmmmmm. Not what I was expecting form a Spielberg movie. It never really moved. I felt like it plodded along and just wasn't interesting. You know it's going to be a long movie when you have to stop it and explain things to people. The wife kept getting lost (I blame boredom) so I'd have to stop it and explain what happened in real life, then what was going on in the movie. She gave up and hour and a half in, but I struggled through the story of how the Israeli government plotted to kill the terrorist involved in the Munich Olympic killings. Eric Banna was just OK and didn't help the movie. The end scene with him and his wife and his flash backs was a little strange and a little creepy. 3 out of 10

I have two more movies that I may review shortly, well unless every thinks my reviews suck.

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