Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lots of Movies!

Over the last two weeks I have seen a lot of movies, so I thought I'd give a little review on each film.

Elizabethtown- I read reviews that were not kind, so I went in a little aprehensive. Actually, it was pretty good for a chick flick. Elezabethtown is about a shoe designer (Orlando Bllom) who makes a shoe that nobady likes, tries to kill himself but a phone call about the death of his dad forces him to put that on hold to go to semi-rual Kentucky to get the body. He meets a flight attenedent (Kirsten Dunst) is the love interest. The director Cameraon Crowe loves music to play an important roll in his films which adds a nioce touch. This film I will admit gets a little schlockie, but it's a chick flick so you have to expect that. Overall I'd give it a 6 out of 10.

Jarhead I remember that this film was suposse to be conteversial and question why we are in Iraq right now. A new Apocolipse Now. Well if you made Apocolipse Now suck then you would get Jarhead. How the hell was this critically acclaimed! It was Blackhawk Down mixed with Three Kings and then both scripts were combined while drinking a fifth of Wild Turkey. It was nothing but a bunch of guys walking around the dessert and going back to base to masterbate and THAT IS ALL. I wish I would have rented a better movie like Biodome or anything else by Paulie Shore. 2 out of 10

Davine Code- The new big contraversial movie. Supposively there are two secret sects of the Catholic church 1. the Templars that believe christ had kids and 2. Opus Dei who don't and want all proof of Jesus' kids gone. Taking out all the religious subtext that I'm told is evil, I went and looked at this movie for what it was... Fiction. As a suspense thriller it was pretty good. It had twist and turns, you were for sure what was real and who was good and bad or who would stay bad or good. One thing though Paul Bettany played one of the creepiest characters in years. Every time I saw his albino ass (yes you see his ass) I was freaked out. Tom Hanks was wll Tom Hanks. I need to do a post on how you believe what ever character he play. If he would have played an Umpaloompa in Willy Wonka it would have been the awesomest Umpaloompa EVER! Sir Ian McKellen is an unbelievalbe character actor. He just adds presense to what ever project he does. Enough with the praises. I figured out fairly early what was going to happen, but still not that bad. I thought the ending was a little hokey but not bad. 6.5 out of 10

X-Men 3: The last Stand (this time is personal)- OK I am a geek. I love X-Men and the Wife loves the movies, but I'm not for sure if it's the movie or Hugh Jackman whe actually loves. This is the third movie and the series and generally the third movie sucks and ruins the series (Matrix, Godfather well 1 is still top 5 of all time but man does 3 drag it down a bit, Jaws, Police Acadamy), but X-Men 3 delievers like a shot to the face by one of Wolverienes Adamantian claws. All three X-Men always add a bit of social commentary that may not be readily seen by all, but there is one there and I will let you figure it out. For the second time in two days I saw a movie with Sir Ian McKellen. He plays evil so well, and it's not a I'm a bad guy so you will hate me. He makes you almost impathize with Magneto and his misguided hate. I though Halle Berry's increased roll was a shocking suprise. I was afraid she would ruin the film, but she was back to her top form after such master pieces like Cat Woman and Password: Swordfish. Another suprise is Kelsey Grammer as Beast he did a good job, but there were moments where I heard Sidshow Bob and expected Bart and Lisa to come in and foil the X-Men. I'd love to discuss more about X-Men 3, but I'm afraid of giving away a lot of suprises within the movie. 9 out of 10. P.S. Famke Janssen as a red head... HOT!

Finding Neverland- Wow! how could I have not seen this film before now. Johnny Depp and Kate Winslot do an unbelievable job telling the story of Sir James Matthew Barrie and how he may have written Peter Pan. I don't know why, but Johnny Depp has started to become one of those actors I love. At one point in time I thought he'd be just that wierd actor guy that does wierd rolls. He has become a actor that I look forward to see. I can't believe he did not win Best Actor for this film. Go rent this movie 9 out of 10

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