Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where are my keys?

This Saturday I worked for a station that is owned by the same company that owns "The Network." I enjoy the times when I work for them, but I get a little paranoid when they ask, because I do not want to screw up and make "The Network" look bad. Over all it was an easy day a couple fluff assignments nothing I could horrible screw up. I'm ending the shift by filling out my time sheet when the wife calls. "I locked myself out of the house and I'm going to be late for work." Since she "Freelance Nannies" she can't be late. I try to tell here I'm going get off work on time and I will be there as fast as I can. She is obviously distressed and won't let me finish my thought with comments like "Hold on." "When will you be off?" "Wait we might have a ladder from our neighbor... Hold on." Of, course this is slowing me down because I'm worried about her and I can't do my time sheet, worry about her and talk on the phone. Basically had to strongly state I need to get off the phone to get out of work and I will be home in 15 minutes. I get in my car drive reasonably fast and get there in about 20 minutes. Fortunately she called her job and they did not mind that she would be late. I let her in the house and she made it to Marysville just in time. We now have to figure out a way to keep a spare key somewhere so we don't have this happen again.

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