Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What to do when I don't have softball.

Well this is my first week where I did not have softball. So the wife and I made a day of it... or at least tried. Get get home from church with the thought that we'd go to the Columbus Zoo after we eat lunch. Well... we eat lunch and decieded to take a "quick" nap. Two hours later it's almost 2:00. Well the Zoo is out so we went and saw Over the Hedge (more on that in another post). After the movie we went to Omaha Steaks and Krogers for some much needed food. Grilled out and watched Munich (yes... another post). A good day for us.

Oh the softball team lost for the first time... can you say curse of the J-Dog? All I have to say is they better find a live chicken and some candles. Muhahahaha!

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