Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your Mom is Organic

The Wife and I went to Jason's Deli a nice little place to eat and I started to notice all the organic signs and then some signs that made me laugh. First was Vegetarian Vegetable Soup, I know it can be made with beef broth but that just made me laugh, you would never see carnivore steak salad. They had little symbols on the menu to denote vegitarian meals, why not just add that next to the soup instead. Then I saw the sign to the left; organic condiments, really organic mustard? I am getting tired of the green organic thing.
Back during the Adkins diet fad, I was walking down the condiment isle and I saw "no carbs" mustard. I thought to myself, "Mustard has Carbs?" I looked on the back and it said zero carbs. Then I grabbed the same brand that did not say no carbs. Guess what I found, NO CARBS! It cost you an extra fifty cents for no carbs label.
I know the hippies say organic taste soooo much better, granted it may but it's freaking mustard! how much better is it going to be? I don't feel like paying extra just to know that my mustard seeds were raised by hippies. I can't wait for this fad to die down, let me have my genetically enhanced mustard seeds with my toxic distilled vinegar.

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