Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Names

While eating lunch today we were trying to come up with baby names. We have the girl named set, but we are having massive problems just trying to think of a good boy name. Nothing sounds right or The Wife just hates my names, so here is a few rejected/could reconsider names;

  • Isaac
  • Alex
  • Gandolf
  • Robert
  • Lando
  • Nieman
  • Dillon
  • Jim
  • Awesome
  • John
  • Hambone McGee
  • Gibbs
  • Dwight
  • Micheal

A decent list, but then I came up with a name that currently leads the pack Logan. To be honest it technically breaks one of my rules for a name, can't name a child after a place. I'll make an exception on this one. Then The Wife out smarted me and figured out where I got the name Logan, or should I say WOLVERINE!!!!! Still she is OK with it, till I came up with a middle name, Bruce.

At this moment I know Wilson just spewed Coke Zero all over his monitor and keyboard, because there is only one Bruce. Ole Bruce Campbell and yet The Wife kind of likes the name. I could be in geek heaven here. I even mentioned if it's a girl we could have the middle name be Ashley. She gave me a look of confusion, yet she could tell it was going somewhere. Ashley is Bruce Campbell's character name in Army of Darkness... get it Ash is really Ashley. That didn't fly over as well, but I think I can wear her out.

Then again I am asking for help, I have the feeling once the family reads this that those names will go out the window like Satchel. I am asking for names, leave them in the comments and if you can tell us where the name came from. Remember the front runners are currently Dillion and Logan.


King Tom said...

What about Lando?

J Dog said...

I know I want Lando, but the force is strong with The Wife.

Schattenjager said...

Name the boy Ash!
If you do this, I will personally buy him a Boomstick for this 10th birthday.

The Wife said...

Wilson I so will consider that name. But no boomstick from Uncle Wilson.