Thursday, January 15, 2009

Job Search

In the short term the ad agency I signed with is not working out... the long run it still could be good, but I need some cash flow. I went onto craigslist and started looking around for some work. From time to time they have some decent projects, other times crap or nothing. I've seen listings wanting people to shoot and edit a video for $100, oh yeah and use your own equipment, fat chance. While looking around I found a posting in Chapel Hill for production company needing a part time editor. I can edit, I know Final Cut to a point then I see something that makes me wonder.

Must be comfortable with Adult content.

Obviously you know where my mind went... knock knock, who's there? PORN! I know Wilson is probably going to call me and tell me to take it, but I don't know if I could work in the porn industry. In fact I know I couldn't (stupid moral upbringing and beliefs). Then again maybe adult content just means blood and gore with an occasional boob shot. I think I could do that, I've seen enough of that in movies. I did shoot them an email with a resume and asked them about the adult content. Still I'm not optimistic.... who am I kidding, it has to be porn.


Schattenjager said...

Take it ! Take it!
(ahem, thats what she said)

Shawn, Melissa, Nathan and Titus said...

Your mom does porn....