Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leather Coat

For some reason, my family loves leather coats... why I have no idea but we all have one. I have not worn mine since we moved to North Carolina. The reason is it's not that cold and when it is, it was easier just to grab my Columbia winter coat from the work truck.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a guy for some freelance work and I was dressed in a button down shirt and slacks. My Columbia jacket wasn't quit right so I broke out the leather jacket. I looked good and if felt good to wear it. To be honest it felt good not wearing the same pair of jeans for three straight days.

I'm going to keep the leather jacket out. We are having a cold spell (high of 30s) and I need to "bundle" up a little. Maybe I'll wear slacks every day... nah, I'll go back to the jeans.

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