Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Return to Being Lost

Since December 9th I've not had a lot to look forward to. I know the baby is a big thing and I can't wait for it, but there's a lot of worry and dread with that as well. Then you have the one thing I have been looking forward towards... Lost.

The most confusing yet most awesome show on TV has returned for a 5th year and all I have to say is, I have no idea what is happening but it's FREAKING AWESOME! The two things I have figured out is that part of the Oceanic 6 has realized that they have to return to the island... how... no one knows. Second is Hurley is the only honest and probably good thing in the show.

Let me start with that last statement, Hurly is good. The show is not bad, just everyone else in the show... even to a point the island. We find out that Hurley has always wanted to tell the truth about what happened. The innocence he has makes me wonder if he is the key to the island. Everyone has secrets, except Hurley. That's the key.

I thought it was interesting that all of the Oceanic 6 are now in LA. The island is calling yet will everyone pick up. The hardest problem Ben will have to get everyone back is two people Sun and Hurley. Hurley just turned himself over to the police but that won't be the hardest thing. How about the fact that Widmore and Sun are conspiring to kill Ben. This will make everything complicated.

I'm trying to figure out what is going on with the island. I guess it's not only changing locations it is also changing time. The first part I understood to a point. Then all of the sudden they are in WWII. I guess this explains the polar bear bones that were found in the dessert but besides that I have no idea what is going on.

Then at the end of the episode you have Ms Hawkings at a computer trying to find the island. If you do not remember Ms Hawkings, she's the lady from the Desmond episode where he is back in England after the hatch goes boom. So this means she's real and a computer whiz?

In the preview episode the producers kept talking about this season we will be seeing answers. Unless I've been so confused by Lost for so long I never saw an answer just more confusion. On to the randomness:

Favorite line: "Sayid has crazy ninja moves."

I never thought that a hot pocket could be used as a weapon. I guess Jim Gaffigan will have more material.

Charlotte is about to have her brain explode

I was worried that Desmond would not be on the show any more, but he is the constant.

Ummmm is Locke not dead?

Who doesn't heart Shis Tzus?

Where the hell did Vincent come from? I never saw him in the beginning of the show then all of the sudden there he is.

Lost law: If you start yelling during freak out and you are an ancillary character you will die in some ironic way... thank you Frogurt.

Wait a second how does Sawyer know about Frogurts?

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