Monday, November 26, 2007

Why Do I watch This Crap

I generally hate reality shows, I think they are killing television. No long do we have creative writing, instead it's a weird bastardized game shows, that are not game shows, but "real life." Yet, I was drawn into a show reality show this season... America's Most Smartest Model. I thought the premise was great, make fun of models that think they are smart and it has Ben Stein, what could go wrong.
I watched the first episode and it was great, superficial people, trying to act like stars and most are real stupid. Even Ben was funny, he was fascinated with one contestant named Mandy Lynn, who use to do nude modeling and had the face lips and breast. It was great watching his reactions to her. I was hooked and I've watched every episode.

Then I get a bomb shell, Serg and I were working one night and he mentions Most Smartest and this ensued:

Serg: I use to know one of the contestant
Me (internal thought): He is so going to say Pickle
Me: Really, who?
Serg: Pickle

Serg use to live in LA and they worked out in the same gym. It's not like they spotted for each other or anything, more like a general nod and typical gym stuff. So now Pickle is my favorite, not only does Serg know him, he's off the wall ADD. He's one of the smartest models and yet he has total idiot moments. Also, he seemed to have an early edge in the show.

Well last night the Pickle was cast to sunder to no longer be on the show. I thought it was an awful choice, there were other people who performed worse, but you could tell it was a show decision to keep it more interesting, keep the drama going. One girl was a total disaster and has been in the bottom three for at least three shows, yet she is now improved enough to be one of the best, I don't think so. I can now tell that the least favorite character VJ will be the winner. I'll probably stop watching the show now. I was getting sucked into the world of reality, yet it pushed me away. I'll watch old episodes of The Office and 30 Rock off the DVR now.

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