Sunday, November 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have a bunch of things I'd like to write about, but I have a post in mind for Tuesday so I want to get everything out of the way for then, so here is this months random thoughts:

MP3 Player
Just over a week ago, my MP3 player crapped out on me. I would turn it on, it would go to pick a language, I select English and then try and play a song... it shuts off and turns back on and goes back to the English page. The Wife was smart and bought a warranty, I go to Office Max, but they tell me to call a number. I call the number and they tell me that it is still under warranty with Sansa. Come to find out the 1 year warranty we bought is pointless, wonderful, that's 12 bucks we will never see.

I call Sansa and I have to download software updates, even though I had not loaded any new songs in two weeks. I ended up calling 8 times and going to the Sansa website about 20 times before they finally realized that my MP3 player was faulty. I now have to send it in and I will get a new one. I know they are try to save money by not dishing out new MP3 players every time someone like me calls, but still after the first 40 minutes of things not working... it might be the player not the software.

Weight Loss Update
I've been doing pretty good this week. Monday and Tuesday I walked and took my lunch to work. The other days I just ate a little better. I only had 2 regular Cokes (Coke Zero was not an option) 5 7-Ups (I was tired of water by Wednesday night) and zero sweet teas. With that I lost 7 pounds by Friday. I feel pretty good about that, I had someone who had not seen me in a week ask if I lost some weight. Of course I said I did and was a little happy.

I have everyone in the challenge worried, some think I can loose 7 or more every week. I'm still hoping for 2 a week.

Ultimate Frisbee
Not it's time to come a little clean, I ate horrible this weekend and gained 2 pounds back. The Wife was away doing a weekend sit and I was on call so my options for doing things were slim so I ordered a pizza and then today I ate a burrito. I was feeling guilty and upset when someone at lunch mentioned they were going to play ultimate Frisbee later.

I've been needing to socialize more and it was exercise so that sounded great. I arrive and I get a brief revue of what to do and all of the sudden everyone is running around. I did OK for my first time I made a few caught and broke up a couple of passes. The big thing is it's like soccer with a Frisbee, so you never stop going. I was winded 2 minutes in, but I kept playing, just not as fast, I'd lay back and hope that the other team turned it over and I'd be open or I'd stay back and play defense.

I am a big guy, but at times I have deceptive speed, I'm not track star, but someone would defend me and then I'd walk and then take off and get open, I also caught up to a couple of guys trying to catch the disk. I had fun, I hurt myself a few times and my chest is still burning from all the running I did. If asked I'll do it again, as long as it's not within the next week, well maybe two... I need to stop coughing up flem and what I think was a small cat.

New Blog
As much as I love writing here, I can't do it at work and regretfully a lot of good ideas come to me while at work. Even though about 20 or more people at work know about Hey Look a Monkey, I've not been confronted by management yet and I'd rather keep it that way so I don't log in and leave that trace.

With the new initiative at work, they want a lot of people to blog, so I decided to make a sports blog called, Hey Look, Yet Another Sports Blog (HL,YASB). I know some of you are not sports fans so I thought I could all my sports type post there. This blog is not going to rival Deadspin or well any decent sports blog, but for some reason I've had management actually make comments in a meeting about HL,YASP... and it was positive... I'm a little scared about that. I just want a creative writing outlet at work. I'm hoping it doesn't affect this blog, but if there is a small decrease that would be why.

I've had a Myspace page for a wile, but I never really did anything with it. Wilson, loves his page and uses it all the time. I just thought I have my blog and that's all I need. Well, The Wife's sister created a page, then her husband made one and two of their kids have one. So what did The Wife do... made a Myspace page. Then guess what happened, she is having me update my page. I now have a picture and she is wanting me to change the back ground and do everything else with it. I don't know about this. I've always heard the comment that anyone older than 30 should not have a Myspace page, but half the people at work have one and our consultants keep talking about it. I'm bad at keeping in touch and maybe this will help... probably not I'll give up on the Myspace page again.

Free Blog Advice
With my new blog, our consultants came in to give us advice about what I thought was going to be about making my blog better. I thought I'd hear, check for typos and make sure that everything makes sense and stop referring to the coach of Kansas as a manatee. I got none of that, but I did learn about how Google kind of works.

Have you ever notice when you search Google that Wikipedia is usually one of the first pages at the top? Well that's because they have authority. Authority, as I understood it, is the number of time people link to you. Wikipedia is nothing but links, most are within Wikipedia, but that still helps them with total number. The more times people link to you the more you move up in authority, I want to think of it as a popularity contest. Since I linked to HL,YASP I increased my authority there, plus I put in in my links group so yet again it increased.

The other thing I was told to link to as many blogs as I can. "It's like extending my hand to 'shaking' that sights hand," then they might read my blog because they will see that I linked to them and might like what I wrote and link back to me.

Within 15 minutes I was bored to death so I decided to have some fun. He kept saying "Google juice," he was using that instead of authority. After about 10th time hearing Google juice I said, "Have you tried the orange Google juice, it's delicious!" He didn't quite know what to do, I was just thrilled I messed with the consultant.


levy said...

I stumbled across this page a couple days ago. It's a 7 day diet designed for employees of General Motors.

I'm not sure why General Motors needed a diet plan for all their employees, employees' families, but whatever.

I also don't know if it works, or if I could possibly do it, but if you're looking for something 'different,' check it out. Good luck with the weight loss challenge!

dcz said...

Beware who you allow to read your blog. Take it from me. I don't do Myspace anymore because someone hacked into my page and deleted my info. So I said screw that.

Hope you have better luck with yours.