Monday, November 05, 2007

Weight Loss Challange

I made two New Years resolutions:

Read 10 Books

Loss 50 pounds

So far I am on my tenth book and the 50 pounds... well, at one point in time I had lost 12. As of today I gained half that back, and at my last doctors appointment I had gained it all back. I'm not happy with myself, so when I hear about a wight loss challenge between Shawn and Serg, I thought I'd join in. The challenge is to see who can loss the most weight. Only one person is the winner and all the losers have to pay the winner the difference in weight loss $2 per pound. Lets say I lose 15 pounds and I win, Shawn losses 10 pounds so the difference is 5 pounds so I win 10 dollars. The winner can made a decent amount of cash because there is now 10 people involved.

At weigh in I was at 287.5 and three days later I'm at 286. I know I'm "big" that's why I joined in. I want to get in better shape. I need to get into better shape and this can help. My goal is to eat less, I'm no longer drinking soda and sweet tea, I'm limited to 1 Coke Zero every other day and I am going to walk at least 30 minutes Monday thru Friday. Today I already walked and hour and 15 minutes and I think I walked about 3 miles. I think I can do this, my thing is always motivation, If I don't have a goal in front of me I will never finish anything. My goal is for the next 8 weeks to lose as much weight as I can (and being healthy about it). I hope I can keep my addiction down and stay on track.


Schattenjager said...

Coke Zero, my favorite.

King Tom said...

Hey, at least you're making some progress.

And staying active is the hardest part of any type of weight loss routine.

You should talk to Iron Mike. He started walking too. You two should form a walking club.

levy said...

Yeah, you and Iron Mike can start a walking club.

You both start out at your respective homes and meet halfway, somewhere around Charleston, WV.

That would take a shit-ton of motivation!

J Dog said...

Why do I have to walk all the mountains! Stupid Virginia!