Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ohio State vs Michigan

You would think living 9 hours away from Columbus that I would not have to deal with the Ohio State Michigan game... I was wrong. I did a post for the work blog, but I thought I'd put one here as well.

I was in The Wife's car trying to order a chicken taco at Taco Bell, when I kept hearing a car horn. I was wondering what’s going on, and I look in the rear view mirror and see a guy pointing to his hat… it’s a Michigan hat. “How did he know I’m from Ohio or the fact that I like Ohio State. Then I realized… I’m in The Wife’s car and she has a buckeye car flag and a Brutus the buckeye hanging from the rear view mirror.

I thought I’d have a little fun, I get to the window and ask the guy for a favor. “Hey, the guy behind me is a Michigan fan, tell him Tressel owns Michigan.” He laughs, the guy was trying to do something similar to me, but he couldn't understand him. I get my delicious taco and pull forward, keeping my speed to a slow roll I see the Michigan fan talk to the guy in the drive thru and then look towards me.. all I am thinking is “I got you last GO BUCKS!”


mcriffle said...

Wow! you really can't escape the insanity. even in another state.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, is the chicken taco on the diet?

J Dog said...

I know the chicken taco sounds bad, BUT it is the best thing to get at Taco Bell, I don't get that ranchero sauce so that takes a lot of fat and calories off.

mcriffle said...

I wonder who anonymous is?

King Tom said...

Today was 'spirit day' at work, where we were encouraged to wear the colors of 'our team.'

So I wore a Yankees jersey.

Tomorrow around noon, the Civee and I are planning on going out and doing errands.