Saturday, September 15, 2007

You'd Get a Butt Minus

For the last week JDOG-17 has been getting phone calls over a commercial that has been airing. It's for Hardee's Carl's Jr new flat buns patty melt. Because of the calls we have now made it an anthem in part of of the news room. I think it's an ingenious commercial and is very creative. Flashy like a music video and is a parade of rap music and the use of a woman's "posterior" in said music. Who ever wrote the lyrics is a genius here is a few lines

I like them flat like a pancake stack

In Anatomy class you'd have a butt minus

stand sideways girl you disappear

Then the choirs of: Flat Buns, I like flat buns, I like the flat ones!

Here is the real comedy of the situation. We have found out that Hardee's/Carl's Jr is not one of out clients! We don't even air the thing, yet some idiots started getting people to call every station and tell them to pull the commercial. Hello idiots, you might want to see which stations are airing it first. Because of your calls, I actually saw the commercial for the first time and now I'm posting it because of you.

I guess people don't like flat buns. They would rather have some junk in the trunk.

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