Monday, September 17, 2007

So, Where's the Burger?

While running errands The Wife thought it would be nice to go to a little 50's style diner. She mentioned they had really good burgers and hot dogs. I'm now hungry for a good old burger so I'm game. We go in and it has everything you think of when you hear 500's style diner: checker board floor, counter, red seat... you know the deal. We look over the menu and I see something interesting, shrimp hamburger. Hmmm shrimp on a hamburger, for some reason that sounds good, but just in case I ask the waitress what a shrimp hamburger is. She mentions shrimp and a bun and that's all I could understand, she was talking kind of fast, but she mentioned it's great.

Well I order one and I was shocked by what I received. It was a bun with some fried shrimp... Where's the burger part? I want a burger! When you put the word burger in a title of something that generally means a beef patty or at least something in patty form (ie veggie burgers). There was nothing of the sorts, look at the picture, it's shrimp on a bun. I call that a shrimp sandwich or a po' boy. I would have asked the waitress about this, but we never saw her until we were done and ready to go.

The sandwich was good, but the non burger aspect made not enjoy the meal. Seriously it's not a chicken burger sandwich, it's a chicken sandwich. I'm still wanting burger, stupid 50's diner.


dcz said...

Well, for the lack of service and obviously being mislead, I hope you left her a nice tip... at 1950's prices of course (to go along with the theme)

J Dog said...

I'm too nice, I left her a couple of bucks