Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Free Golf

This year I really wanted to start playing golf, I've played in the past, but I want to be more serious and play as much as I can. I'm not that good but I have played three times this year and my dad gave me a few hints on improving my game like moving closer to the ball. With the thumb/wrist injury (I know I need to stop talking about it) and the extreme heat I had to take some time off. Well, the time off official ended Monday with a free round of golf at Prestonwood Country Club. How did I get to play at a swanky place like Prestonwood... MEDIA DAY!!! The Champions Tour is coming to the course next week and there is ALWAYS a media golf outing when any tours come to down.

I played with with weather guy"Pete Nice" and the producer known as Justice. I've played with Justice before and he's in the same boat I am... sucks, and I mean that in a good way. His theory is he knows he can't hit it straight so lets have fun and joke around for 5 hours. Pete Nice though, he's a baller and can hit the ball. We start out and I'm doing OK for the fact that I have not picked up a club for over two months. Then something happened on the third hole, I crush the drive down the middle of the fairway and since this was a scramble (you use the best drive from the group and you all go from that spot) we used my shot. I then hit a second shot 15 feet from the hole. I have my first chance at a birdie (one under par), mind you the best I have ever had prior today was a boggie (one over par). I line up hit the ball, it's on line, OH NO IT'S TOO FAST, it hits the back of the cup, bounces up and drops into the hole. I throw my putter up in the air.

I am in a happy place as we get to the next tee, so what do I do for an encore on the next hole... lose three balls, then the next hole I put two more in the water. I ended up loosing 18 balls on the day, which is a personal record, I did end up with a par later on.

The best, yet not so best part of the day was at the end of the day. As I mentioned before I played with Justice earlier this year, while playing I some how hit two house with one ball. That takes skill, you have to slice the ball and then have it hit the roof and bounce to the other house, which it ripped through a screened in porch. The over/under on houses for the day was 4. Pete Nice may have it one earlier, but no damage yet. On the next to last hole, I am tired and I'm starting to play bad and go back to my bad habits. I take a swing and the ball goes way left... straight towards a home worth well over a million dollars.The ball looks like it's locked onto a half circle window, but at the last second curves and hits the roof, bounces and hits the roof again. That shot is probably the most memorable shot of the round. The next hole, more houses and this time I knock over someone's deck chair.

Over all it was a good day, I hit a house (but didn't break anything), got a birdie and a par, lost 18 balls, drank my own body weight in water and Powerade and had a lot of laughs. I'm ready for another round... well when my body stops hurting.

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