Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Old Memories That Cause Night Terrors

I was thinking about doing a post about the North Carolina Central/North Carolina A&T game and brawl and the press conference in Greensboro I had to go to. Then while driving back Sports Gal and I started to talk about college. She finally told of a story where a historic journalist turned professor told her "I will pass you, if I never see your face in one of my classes again." From her story, she got behind in the class and the professor was intimidating and stopped going because she was frustrated and couldn't face him. That got me thinking about my worst college moment.

It was my last semester and during finals week I had three hard tests, one 25 page paper, two video projects, a couple other papers and a resume tape. Oh yeah all of this within three days, I know I could have done the papers earlier, but I was... well am a procrastinator so I waited till the last possible minute. It was Wednesday and I was down to my last ever in class college moment, a test in my Telecommunication research class. Oddly enough this was the second time I had to take this class. The first time I just didn't try and got a D, but I needed a C to graduate. I was doing well and thought I might have an outside chance at getting an A, even though I had missed a couple of the last classes to finish other projects I thought I could get a good grade.

I get to the class, sit down and start the test. I don't recognize anything on the papers in front of me. I have not clue what I am suppose to be taking a test on. I struggle through and finally give up and answer as many questions as I could. I walk up to turn the test in and I still remember what the professor said to me. "Do you want me to grade it now so you know what you got?" Even though I can not remember anything of the test I still remember what I said "No, I failed it, I don't want to know that I got a zero."

I didn't get a zero I got a 14.

Yes a 14, that takes great skill to get a score like that, it's so close to zero but it's not and yet I pulled it off. I seriously thought I was not going to graduate, my parents were planning to come up. All my friends were still in college, how could I come back next year and have to take this class for a third time! My sister, who works for Bowling Green, knew I was worried and called the professor and found out that I did not fail the class, I came close. I went from a high B to a low C.

I was relieved, but still to this day I will occasionally wake up from a dream thinking that I never passed that class and that I have been fired because I never graduated. This happened almost 9 years ago and I still get this dream. Will this ever stop? Do I need professional help about this?

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Levy said...

Spring quarter my senior year at OU I had to take Psych 101. I hadn't taken it earlier in my college career and needed it, or something like it, in order to graduate. I missed a lot of classes, opting instead to go hang out at the TCOM Center.

I passed with a D, but just barely. If I had failed that class I would have had to stay for the summer and take it again.