Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fried Chicken Drive Tragedy Is Finally Over

While watching the BG Minnesota game my cell phone started singing. I looked down and it was a picture of The Wife. I'm guessing she is wondering how the game is going, but I was wrong she had received another phone call from Best Buy (Yet again they don't call me). Our new external hard drive is done and we can pick it up. If it wasn't Best Buy the story should have ended right there. Reggie the manager then proceeds to tell The Wife that they waived the pairs fees, but he would have to charge us for parts and labor. If it wasn't for the fact she told me I could not talk until she had finished the story I would have hung up and called my "Good Friend" Reggie and made him cry or give us a flat screen TV.

They wanted us to pay $90 for labor, of course The Wife argues that he had never mentioned us paying for this. Hell, I could have bought an external case and done it myself, I'm not paying that much for something I could have done. Well, Reggie remembered that during previous conversations that I was looking to buy an external hard drive and thought we would graciously pay $90 for the drive. The only problem is The Wife didn't want to pay for something that was suppose to be free, you know because Best Buy royally screwed up.

After a 10 minute conversation Reggie admitted that he talks to so many people that he could remember everything that was said, yet he remembered a small detail like I was wanting a new hard drive... every convenient. So he gave up and we got the drive for the original price of us not calling his manager. Most of the information is there, we are missing a few small documents, but nothing that's life threatening. I hope I never have to take the computer back to the Geek Square.

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dcz said...

It's like when my friendly Allstate representative was somehow able to magically give me a lower monthly rate just as I was about to switch to another insurer.

Everyone's always trying to get over on the little guy.