Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random Labor Day: Everything Else

I had a limited time yesterday and I only got through two of the items I wanted to I'm going to try and bang the rest of the weekend before I go to work in 30 minutes.

Since it has been so hot and I well, had a thumb and wrist injury I could not disc golf. I don't know what got into be, but I wanted to disc golf the weekend away. As usual I had high hopes and wanted to get 4 courses in. Well, I only got two in, but I had a lot of fun.

The first course was out n Zebulon, I've played there before, but it's kind of a haul (35 minutes), it's a pretty drive in the country and I get to see a lot of the tobacco fields in the area. The course if fair at best. The holes are not well marked and you have to play around some ball fields and a gravel road. It didn't help that I couldn't throw a disc straight and more than 5 feet off the ground.

On Sunday I left church and went out to Durham because I heard of a great course. Luckily, the course was really good and worth the 50 minute drive. It reminded me a lot like a mixture of the three courses I played in Columbus, lots of trees, fairly straight shots on a lot of the holes and pretty well laid out. The biggest problem I had, besides throwing a disc, was the hills, it was all up and down. For the last 6 weeks all I have done is sit at a computer at work and that dropped my stamina a little, so it was more tiring than I had hoped, so I struggled the last few holes. I'd defiantly come back to this course when I have a lot of free time and extra money for gas.

Shawn, Melissa, The Wife and I have tried to have a game night for a few months ago, but things like vacations, work schedules and general bad luck have forced us to cancel every time. Well luck turned and we actually had game night. I cooked up some burgers and chicken, they brought some drinks and some games and we had a good time. We only got one game in, because it took forever! We played 90s Trivial Pursuit and I forgot how tedious the game can be. You have to land on a specific square to get a game piece and it took forever. While playing we did learn one thing. I know way too much about absolutely nothing. If you dropped me off in the middle of nowhere, I'd probably die within the first 10 minutes, but ask me who was the first person to climb to the top of the Murderhorn and then leave his wallet, I'd tell you it was Homer. Maybe I need to rethink my life..... Nah!

There was more that happened during my time off, but I can't get the words to flow to describe them. All I will say it was a great near five days off and I have no desire to go back to work.


Schattenjager said...

I've never left my wallet on top of Murderhorn but I did leave my car keys at the wrong end of a hiking trail one time. A mistake that took me 7 hours and some hitch hiking to overcome. ;-)

dcz said...

I've tried hard to get several people at work to go disc golfing with me, and I always get the standard " yeah, that'd be fun, I can't wait!" bullshit. But it never happens.

I have pretty much given up asking these people to do anything.

Sounds like you had fun. Wish I was there.