Friday, September 21, 2007

I Don't Think That's What They Meant By Drive-Thru

I was in a good mood going into work, I was working 11-8 and then get to shoot football afterwards. I had the MP3 player going and rocking out, then I heard a panicked noise on the two way. "The Chief get back to the station now!" That's not a good thing to hear. Then the chatter picks up on the two-way and it sounds like something really bad happened. Then I hear two key words that made me understand what was going on; restaurant and airplane. Those are two words that never really go together, think about it can you think of any situation where those two words would ever go together and that be a good thing? I still had hope, it sounded like three photographers and at least one reporter were on their way, I must not be going. I get a quarter mile from the station and I get a panicked call and all I could make out from the fast talking desk was Baggins and shire, no wait that's Lord of the Rings I heard reporter and Clayton, I'm going to the story.

Here's what happened, a single engine airplane was having problems and trying to make it to the Johnston County Airport/tire care/video store when it started to sputter, it may have flipped over then when straight into the McCalls BBQ and seafood. Fortunately the restaurant was not open and the staff was fine.

Well, I get the new girl and we work our way to Clayton and after three tries we find a spot for our live truck, I raise the mast and try to tune in, but we can only hit one tower and the other truck is already tuning in and is the live web cam. As with news we ran around for about an hour then had nothing to do. The two reporters on scene called into a conference called and figure out what everyone was doing. That was at 1, I then stood around until 4 and edited our package. I finish and that's when I find out I am not shooting any football tonight. I have to baby sit the plane and building, "just in case the FAA shows up." Due to the fact the closest FAA person was Miami I don't think they will make it by 8.

The only good thing was I got off early enough to see The Wife for a little bit. The bad is my feet are swore and red, my knees won't stop popping. I need to not work on Fridays, this is starting to get ridiculous.

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