Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Holy Crap is it hot outside! So far the last four days in Columbus have been in the 90s with the humidity making it 100 F-ing Billion Degrees! I'm not a huge man but I have some gurth to me; all I have to say is I'm built for fall and winter... get my drift? It doesn't take much for me to break a sweat, but when it's this hot, I need a change of cloths every time I go outside. The first two days I was able to stay indoors, but not Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday I did a story about it's hot outside so are people going to the pool. It sucks when you do this. The cool refreshing water is right there! I could just jump in, but I might ruin yet another camera. DAMN YOU ELECTRICAL THINGS AND MOLECULAR COMPOSITIONS!!! Then today was a mix bag of out door goodness. I have a publicity shoot for out local sister station. Then it was shooting gas stations for an hour. I get back in the truck, I crank the A/C and try to dry out as well. I am now smelly and sweaty. Stupid global warming! Why can't it be like a mall 75 degrees and always with a Cinnabon.


Schattenjager said...

Today at Willow, Alaska where I used to live the high temperature was 61 degrees with 24 hours of daylight. I'm ready to go, this heat is killing me.

levy said...

I'm so confused. You started this post by saying it was hot in Columbus, so I thought you were here visiting. Then you talk about stories you had to do.

Aren't you in one of them Carolinas?

levy said...

OK, nevermind... this post showed up in my RSS reader and now I realize that it's from last year.

Disregard, as I know my mom would do.