Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SATURDAY: A day that started bad and ended ... OK

I woke up first and decided to clear out some bad pictures in the ole digital camera. I start deleting when I get to a black picture. DELETE, then something bad happened. It didn't go away right away, instead it said processing. What the hell was it processing? Well I found out it some how deleted EVERY PICTURE! The drinking, the canoeing, some pretty flowers... EVERYTHING. I was devastated and luckily the night before I loaded some of the pictures onto Wilson's computer.

We go take showers, break down Ft. Baker because it's suppose to rain most of the day and head out to a meeting The Wife has needs to go to. We get there late she does her thing and that leads to a fight. I will not say why we argued but we did. This trip is starting to take a turn for the worst. It got so bad we didn't get lunch.

We head to my parents house for more of well non-camping activity. We mostly sat around talked and watched two movies, A river Runs Through It and Fallen. Both are good movies and made the day go by fast. A huge thunder storm rolled through and I am glad we broke down the Fort. It's about dinner time and we take mom to Toro Loco. She loved it and will be taking dad some day when he is not working.

We then head back to Wilson's where we decided to spend the night. The ground was too wet and he had some extra beds. We ended the night with yet another movie Last of the Mohicans. That ends the camping part of our vactation. The Wife actually wants to do this again, well maybe more in the fall so we can do more, and over all it was a good trip.

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Schattenjager said...

I soooooo want to have that picture of us in the canoe out on the lake. I got a breif glance at it around the campfire that night and it was definatly a wall hanger.