Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FRIDAY: The day after

We awake around 8:00am and you may wonder "How did you get up so early from all that drinking?" Well when you get that drunk by 9:00pm, you are usually OK by 8:00. I slowly start figuring out where I am and what we are going to do. We go down to the Pick N Save for some needed supplies and things we forgot. On our way out we find a voice mail. It's Wilson he sounds like he had a bad night of drinking... Oh yeah he did. His message says he is going to run 14 miles and will be back later if he does not fall down and pass out.

We have a lot of time to kill. We head back to Ft. Baker and take a shower... of sorts. Now I have seen some pretty bad camping showers. These how ever where not too hate full. The stalls are pretty small and there are only two, but we are the only ones using them. It took me a minute to figure out the system. You had to push a button and water came out. To get warmer water turn the knob and wait 3 minutes. Now that may seem pretty simple, but it looked harder at the time. Also another trick was the fact you had to keep pushing the button in every two minutes so the water would not shut off. We head back to Ft. Baker and do a little napping, reading, poker and all around nothing.

Just after noon we got bored and wondered where Wilson is. We head to his cabin and see he is still not home. We break out the bikes and try to go for a ride. As you may have noticed I said try. We go about 10 minutes and everything is uphill. The wife is not use to this so we only went on for another 5 minutes then we turned around and went back to Wilson's.

Still no sign of the guy. I'm starting to think he is in some gutter wishing for death, but I'm hungry so we go out to eat. Ironton actually has restaurants now! One of them happens to be a Mexican restaurant named Toro Loco. For Ironton this was really good Mexican! I am shocked that this has happened. For years the closest decent restaurant was in another state 10 minutes away. I hope Toro Loco continues to do well so we can go back. As we are leaving I get a call from Wilson, he has finally made it home, he's going to take a nap and will come back to Ft. Baker when he wakes up.

Once Wilson has arisen from his finally drunken stooper we arrives at Ft. Baker and we go back to his place for some awesome Italian chicken and dirty rice.

For the first time on our trip we actually go and do something campy. We get a canoe and go out on the lake. It was a fun our and a half which included a little rain shower and us sitting under a tree leaning out over the lake. It was a great way to end the day.

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Schattenjager said...

Yea, 14 miles. How the hell did I get talked into training for a marathon? I mean it was never a goal of mine. Ohh well, I guess I'm in it to far now.