Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hey baby

Yesterday I lost the keys to my personal car. I found this out about and hour and a half before I was to leave for the day. I was in a panic. I searched my work car, then I looked to make sure I did not lock the keys in the car. I searched the edit bays, the assignment deck. I asked security if they had been turned in, I even called one of the assignments that I went to and Dick's Sporting Goods. No one knows where they are. I hang up the phone and this was the conversation that followed.

Me: Well that's everything

Dave (an editor): What are you going to do?

Me: Only one thing (pause) Hey Baby!

Jeff (photographer): You calling AAA?

(loud laughter from Dan and I)

Dave: You have to sweet talk those AAA guys.

That was the funniest thing I had heard all day. He was trying to say it before I went "Hey baby" but he was a little late. Then it went to other places

Hey Baby, can I have a Bic Mac, fries and a medium coke?

Hey baby, can I get an oil change?

Hey baby, our air is not working, can you find out what's wrong?

How much better life would be if you had to say that every time you needed something. I wonder if the world would be a little better.

Lets jump forward today, I was on my way back from Athens, Oh when my "reporter" needed to go to the bathroom. We stop at a Speedway and I got a Coke Zero. The lady at the counter asked, "Do you have a Speedy Rewards Card." I attempt to pull my out and then I realize that it was on my missing keys. I say no, I lost them.

*Little light goes off*

I left my keys at the Speedway in Canal Winchester! I had a sinus/caffeine headache yesterday and I stopped there for a Coke Zero. It's on the way back to the station so I pull in and ask

Me: I have a strange question. Did you find a set of keys?

Guy: That's not strange

(pulls out a box of keys)

THEY HAVE A BOX OF KEYS!!! I see them and say thank you, but I am amazed and a little confused how you can have so many keys left at a store? Then again I am one of the dumbasses that left a set of keys at the Speedway in Canal Winchester.


Schattenjager said...

Hey baby, help me drink the 10 pints of Guiness I bought tonight.

DCZ said...

Do you think you'd have better success with a certain reporter if you started calling him "baby"?

just wondering.