Sunday, July 30, 2006

When the Wife's Away

Well Saturday started out like any other Saturday. The wife and I did some chores that had to be done. Around 3:00 The Wife wanted a nap, so she's asleep and I am bored watching TV. Little did I know things were about to change. The phone rings a half hour later.

It's old man Wilson! The thing is he is not that old, but I like to tease him. He was suppose to take a motorcycle tour up through Columbus, but rain had stopped the trip. "Hey, it's stopped raining I'm thinkin' about comin' on up." F-ing A! There happened to be a party tonight and The Wife had to work. I hate going solo to these things, and Wilson is the kind of guy you never know what's going to happen. We might end up in a machete fight in Belize or something!

He finally arrive on his motorcycle around 7:30. He's a little sore in the posterior from all the riding so we just chill and watch Billy Madison on Comedy Central. After a bit of sitting and finding out the glories of Google Earth and Picasa we head on out to the Winking Lizardd for some tasty wings and the nectar of the gods known as a "Black and raspberry" which is made from half Guinness and half Lindeman. I have never had a drink that does down that easy! It does not taste sour, bitter, or have that "beer taste" to it. It feels like a non-alcoholic drink that cost $7.10 each. We polished of most of the wings and two "black and raspberries" and head over to Phiester-palooza 2: The electric boogalo.

Last year when I attended it was held in an apartment that was a little too small for the amount of people there. On a party level it was OK but nothing great. This year though it was a house and truthfully the house was almost too small for this raging party! We weave our way to the back deck and I hear the sound of "WINKY!" Nicole from promotions knows of the nickname given to be from my internship at a previous station and occasionally calls me that. She is already a couple sheets to the wind, but you know a party is going to be good when you get people screaming nicknames out.

I am married, but all I have to say is DAMN! The scenery at this party was great! I saw people in a whole new light. It was as if everyone with a double X chromosome decided to go completely out of there way to look extra good. Wilson was amassed and just liked looking around. He also enjoyed talking to all of them with his low voice. I think he actually tries to drop it even more when the ladies are around and for some strange reason the ladies like it.

We go down to the basement where we here there is a game being played a game I had never heard of call "Flip Cup" or as M. Taylor called it "Flippy Cup." It seemed very simple to play. You get 4 or 5 people on a team, line-up, you chug a half a cup of beer, place the cup on the edge of the table and try to "Flip" the cup upside down so that the mouth is now on the table. Once the cup has been "flipped" the next person drinks and repeats the previous steps. Once one team is declared the winner by having all cups "flipped" first the loosing team has to do a shot of some form. It ranged from Rum to tequila.

We did not participate in such games. I was driving and Wilson hates domestic beer. We mostly watched the hot red head drink and grind on the bar. For some reason we both love red heads and she was very nice. It's not like I would have ever had a chance in my life, nor Wilson for that fact. It's just nice to admire what God can make.

After a while we started to notice that "Flip Cup" started to get a little serious. Hartong's team had been killing everyone, but a turn of events (One of the team mates starting to get sick) the other team of Red Head, A guy from I see in the hall ways, Fes, and M Taylor started to take Hartong out behind the wood shed. She started to get "agitated" and wanted revenge. They played this game all night. One team would win three or four then the other would win the same.

The game lasted so long that I became the beer runner and made three trips with the pitcher to the keg. The game was at a stand still and the keg was empty. I improvised and found a 24 pack of Miller Lite and the game continued. All cheered "Hoozah! Hoozah to the beer man! Hoozah Jeremy!" Well they didn't do that, but I could tell they were thinking it. Finally the game ended and no real consensus on who the winner was. I believe everyone was the winner because everyone got to drink and do shots.

I believe it was a good night for all. Many work people came out and enjoyed the evening. Who knows maybe the birthday boy got a present at the end of the night.


Schattenjager said...

The next time you even mention that guy is haveing another party I am jumping on a jet to Columbus. Specialy if I get to have lunch with your niece again. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I wonder why they call her "sweat"...mwuhahahaha!