Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am so SMRT

So while in Ironton I learn my 12 year old niece is being courted by Duke University. They want my sister to pay to have M3 (my niece, just in case Duke finds this) take the SAT. If she does well then they will track her through junior high and high school. If she does well then Duke may give her a scholarship or something shiny.

My question is:


I think this is great for M3, but she is still a kid! She likes to play softball and be a normal pre-teen. I hope my sister doesn't have her take the test. If they think that highly of her now, just let her be a kid and see what happens. Don't be one of those parents that puts too much presser on a kid so that she snaps and runs off with some local red neck guy named Billy Bob.

The amazing thing about my niece is that everyone I tell this story too looks at me and says "She's related to you?" Maybe it's like the Simpsons I get dumber and she gets S.M.R.T I mean S.M.A.R.T. How do I know she got the brains from my family? Her dad makes this guy look like a freaking genius.


The forgotten said...

Umm... excuse me. Way to forget about your OTHER NIECE that is on the freakin DEANS LIST at a private university.. AND the captain of her cross country team... but thats okay... im not bitter.

J Dog said...

I'll right about you one day. Maybe if The Wife will take the digital down for your meet

Schattenjager said...

Perhaps the smart gene skips every generation. Yea, that has to be it.
Just think as dumb as you are your and Mikki's kids will be brainiacs!

Hmm, I better never have kids. Mine wouldn't be able to open a can of pop without and instruction book. ;-)

J Dog said...

That could be it, but I think your kids will make einstein look like a hobo