Saturday, July 26, 2008


I've had a long week and at times it I thought the pain would never stop. The only thing to get my mind out of this crappy sucktitude youtube, more importantly Sifl & Olly. If you are too you and do not remember the show it was two sock puppets that had their own talk show. If it sounds strange, it was, but it does not come near to the brilliance of the show. If you could look into my brain, it would probably look a lot like Sifl and Olly. Most people will not like the show and that probably why it was on for only two seasons. My favorite segments were a word with Chester. Chester was a friend of Sifl and Olly, who would appear to have had one two many acid trips. His comments never really made sense, but it was funny.

The above video is, well about ninjas... need I say more?!?! The below video is all about the wackiness that is Chester.

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