Sunday, July 06, 2008

Head Shot

I was about to do a post on the gnomes at the new house, instead I shall embarrass my nephew. This is Devon, for some reason he wanted to dye his hair blue for the second straight summer. Only one problem with this idea, not enough bleach, he was warned and wanted to proceed; the above picture is what happened. Of course he is 12 and everything is a big deal and is very upset about his hair even though he is over 10 hours away from anyone he knows. The Wife and I tried to make things better, but that didn't work so I went for the next fun option torture. He hates having his picture taken and he really didn't want those pictures taken. While all this is going on he dared me to put it on the blog... something you should realize, don't dare me to do something stupid, I generally will do it. Sorry Devon, I though you needed at least one more reason for therapy later in life.

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