Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is Not How I Wanted to Start My Vacation

With the last few weeks being, well, pretty crappy I was looking forward to a vacation. Luckily, one was right around the corner. The Parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary in the Smokey Mountains. I love the mountains and this is a great way to caste off the sucktitude that I have been dealing with.

All things started well. until oh, the drive out here, I am suffering from a cold. This sucks, but I hope it will go away soon. I've started taking every kind of remedy out there, I'm one step away from looking for leeches... I am in Tennessee, there has to be a place that sells them. I just hope it doesn't ruin this trip. After the golf outing I may try and sleep it off. Must get well, must get well.

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