Sunday, July 20, 2008

Take Me Out to the ER

I like sports, but generally I'm not very good at them. I want to be good, but years of laziness has caused any sense of skill to diminish.

So what do I do? I agree to play softball... in the dead of summer... in North Carolina. Luckily the team is full of either early thirty somethings and older 20 year olds so we are in the same injury range. I was just looking to get some exercise and some friendly interaction.

I did not HORible, but pretty close. My first at bat, I swung and missed the first two pitches (You only get three total in an at bat). I made contact in the last pitch, but it was reminiscent of Willy Mays Hayes at bat in Major League. I kind of half swung and got it near the hands. I squeal led internally and started to run. I got my first base hit. It almost ended in the same way, only I was picked off when the short stop made the catch and I was half way between first and second.

My second at bat was fair, but I hit it straight to the third baseman and I had no chance of getting to first. We lost 13-7 but I had fun, or I went delirious from heat... either one could be true.

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