Monday, July 07, 2008

Cleaned Up

So many of you are probably wondering if the gnomes made the trip to the new house. All I have to say is YEAH! Most even got a little touch up in the paint department. The oldest one, second from the left he was so faded that he was nearly white. Wilson the Gypsy Moth catcher need some extensive work as well, but everyone else was just a touch up. Gilbert got a little dinged up on the San Antonio trip so he's back in form. I also have received a new "welcome" gnome that is added to the group. I don't know what the neighbors think of them, but no news is good news I guess.


For The People said...

Those look great!

Schattenjager said...

I had a dream last night.
I was sitting on a high hill looking down on a house... through a sniper scope. There were gnomes exploding into ceramic dust until the only one left was a gnome holding a net.

Perhaps I can dream the future.

J Dog said...

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Are you still mad I named one of the gnomes after you?