Saturday, July 05, 2008

Moving In

OK enough of the bad stuff at work, how about something good like,


I tell you what, buying a house is one of the scariest things and yet one of the happiest moments in my life. We are now in debt more than ever, you don't realize it till you see the mortgage papers and that number that has six digits. Then I have to be in charge of making sure everything works. I no longer can call a super and have him fix it... I am now Snider! Then there is the one good thing. It's my freaking house! I don't have to deal with attached neighbors, because we don't have any. We don''t have to worry about being kicked out because the owners got an itch and want us out. As long as we make our mortgage payments we are golden!
We signed on Friday and I started moving boxes that day, the only problem for me was, it was FREAKING 96 DEGREES that day. Since we only had one dolly and not enough room in my car for a lot of boxes with the dolly, I had to lug out boxes from Fried Chicken Drive to the car by hand. I could usually get three big boxes and two medium boxes and five small ones in one trip so that meant I had to make six to seven trips by hand. After five round trips to the new house I had to sit for a while, then lay down and pass out for 20 minutes while Lucy tried to figure out what was going on with this new place. Saturday went a lot smoother, well except for UHaul giving me the wrong truck, We had about 20 people helping us and we got everything in the house before 11:30.

The biggest thing I have found about buying a house is all the things we need. We have faux hardwood floors so the floors hurt our feet if we go barefoot for more than 20 minutes. We had to buy a couple of floor rugs to solve that. We needed more shelves, temporary blinds, curtains in the bedroom (don't want to give the neighborhood a show). Then we have the outdoor stuff, I bought a lawnmower and a weed eaters. I could have bought one off craigslist, but I'm not mechanically inclined so I have no idea if someone is trying to sell me a lemon so I just bought a new one. Even though I have spent more money this week than I have ever spent, we only put the lawn mower on a credit card.

Even after a week we still have boxes everywhere, but the house is starting to look nice. The Wife did a good job in the living room and bedroom and I'm slowly getting things organized in the office. I feel like I'm now forced to be a grown up, I own land and I guess I have to be responsible and stuff. Who am I kidding, I'm a dork and always will be one


shawn said...

Congrats on the news house!!! When is the kegger?????

ssbraccia said...

..and EXACTLY what did Lucy do to help???

..seems to me the dog ain't pulling her weight !!1

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! A home owner!
Morgan and I both thought the 96 degrees comment was funny, boy, your in the south. 96 is normal here! At least you had 20 people to help. I had 5 and lived in a 2nd story condo that had winding stairs, and I had lived there for 7 years. Time enough to collect a lot of junk. Enjoy! See you soon!