Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Infestation

Every year during the summer most TV stations are crawling with and infestation... interns. This year I have never seen so many interns, I think we need to call the Orkin Man. It's not that I hate interns, it just for every one that gets the idea of news and knows what they need to do, you have 20 that are clueless. The biggest complain with the interns this year is that they have to do it for free, or as a couple have put it "pay for it" because it's a class. You know what interns, we all have done this for free and we really don't care. You put in the time to learn, I know you have a job, but I don't care. I don't have time to drive you back to the station in between assignments, I'm getting paid and I'm not missing my work for you.

The reason I'm writing about interns is because my station, for some ungodly reason, has decided to make all interns create at least three stories and tryout for the "intern newscast." You wouldn't think that is may effect me, but we have a unique editing system that the interns have no idea how to use. I have been asked so many freaking questions and seen so many poorly edited pieces I have started to have nightmares "No no you can't put a dissolve there, stop stop the audio is all wrong, where is the channel with wireless mic.... AAAARGH!" That's when I wake up in a cold sweat. Also they tie up every edit bay in the station, I usually kick then out, but we have also hired a lot of people as well and half the time I can tell who is an intern and who is new.

The one interesting thing about interns is how they dress, it usually ranges from over dressed to what they wear to the clubs. I don't mind the later, but come on kids, this is a profession, pick a happy medium. A nice pair of pants and for guys a polo or a button down shirt, if you want me to shoot a stand up bring a coat and tie. For the ladies, don't wear anything too tight, and if you want to do a stand up... look around the newsroom and wear something like the other reporters. If you want this for your resume tape (in all honesty I don't care about) then look the part.

I'm just gald summer is almost over and soon we will be back to normal, well as normal as TV new can be.


levy said...

I would just like to say that if a hot intern was wearing something "too tight," I'd be OK with that.

Also, I did an internship that I got paid for. It was freaking sweet.

dcz said...

The sports interns are the absolute worst.

dcz said...

The sports interns are the absolute worst.