Wednesday, July 25, 2007


For those of you who know me, I probably have a slight case of ADD that has never been properly treated. That being said along with the thumb injury, work has no idea what to do with me. For the most part I have been relegated to editing. I do no think editing is beneath me, it's just that I can not stand sitting inside an edit bay for 8-9 hours. Plus, I can not edit as fast as normal. With non-linear computer editing I use my right hand on the mouse and my left to operate the keyboard. Since I can't move my right thumb,it makes that hand useless to editing and everything is done with the left hand, so a story that normally takes 30 minutes to edit now takes an hour and a half.

This is very frustrating, also there have been days where they are not for sure what to do with me. So I try and help edit the new casts, but when I arrive at 11AM there is not much to do until three hours later, then I have been kicked out of the bay for other photographers needing to edit packages, so once again I just sit.

Then you have days like today where there is too much going on that no one has an idea of what is going on. At one point in the day I was suppose to edit 2 sweeps stories, a day turn package, edit 2 hours of interviews for the web and run cable for a event for tomorrow. The biggest problem with all this 1. no enough hours for all the editing and 2. I can't lay cable with one hand. I can pull cable from the back of truck, but to carry it up some stairs, tape it down and things like that is kind of hard with one hand. The worst part of the day is when people were discussing what I was going to do next, five feet from me and then never tell me about it later. This is the worst thing about news, the lack of communicating plans to the people that need to know. How vital was some of this information that I was never told about. One conversation was about a sweeps story that I needed to get finished today was missing a vital interview and would not be shot till Friday. Well, that kind of means I will not be editing that story and yet no one directly told me.

It got to the point today that I was about to call my doctor and tell her to write me a new so I would not have to work. It seems no one understands the work light duty. I'd rather not sit there and do nothing, but at the same time realize that I am hampered by my injury.

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